There is nothing better than a wonderful road trip on your favourite car with your family or friends. Even though summer is the ideal time to plan vacation trips, we have to plan in accordance with the climate. This ride will become most memorable and amazing if it is to your dream destination. Create a blast by hanging out with your friends and family in your favourite car. Whether the trip is to lush greenery or to some amazing places this summer to have to keep in mind many important things to keep you safe and protected in this glowing summer. The places that you visit will be captivating and this will only become unforgettable memory if the trip is safe. In this summer season if you are planning to self drive in your favourite car to your dream destination keep in mind some awesome summer hacks. Select the most amazing and most wonderful place to roam in your favourite car. An important thing to keep in your mind is that if you are planning for a long trip, rent your favourite car, otherwise transportation can cause a huge loss for you. Make use of these awesome tips and transform your trip to a hassle free experience. A major and at the same time significant point to be noted during a summer vacation trip is that we have to be well prepared. Here are some important things to have in your mind if you are going for a road trip. :white_check_mark: Try to travel to a cool place, to some hill stations, lush green areas or to some eye captivating woods. Avoid rides to hot places especially to terrains. :white_check_mark: Always keep a location map/guide of the place to know more about the place and this will be useful if you lose your correct way. :white_check_mark: Gather information about the temperature and climatic changes of the place. This will helps you to be prepared for all situations. :white_check_mark: Always keep yourself hydrated. Carry plenty of clean drinking water to avoid dehydration in situations where you didn’t get fresh drinking water. :white_check_mark: Always keep a cool bag with you to keep your water cool and the food fresh. Along with this keep a large but lightweight water container to refill water which can be used for cleaning utensils during the travelling time. :white_check_mark: It’s better to avoid trips to places which has direct expose to sun. Thus reduce the chances of sunburn and related issues.